Timecode Buddy: mini trx

The Timecode Buddy: mini trx has all the functionality of the WiFi Master but without the WiFi.  Super accurate ‘out-of-the-box’, it will transmit and sync timecode seamlessly between all units on a shoot using 14 pre-programmed license-free ISM BAND RF channels.  The exclusion of the WiFi means it’s much smaller in size and perfect for mounting on a camera. Features include:

  • Four modes: Internal Timecode, Jam External Timecode, RF TX or RX Timecode
  • Mini dimensions: 29mm x 44mm x70mm and just 122g
  • Power: 12-15 hours minimum on internal rechargeable battery
  • Simple programming: on-screen menu using one finger navigation
  • Genlock TV SYNC

Use the Timecode Buddy: mini trx as a standalone transceiver, or pair it with the Timecode Buddy: WiFi master to send real-time timecode and production metadata directly to up to 10 iOS devices over WiFi.

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Product Description


  • Multichannel digital transceiver with four modes for complete flexibility.
  • Choose from Internal Timecode, Jam External Timecode, RF TX or RX Timecode.
  • Mini dimensions: 29mm x 44mm x 70mm and just 122g in weight
  • Powered by an internal Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (12-15 hours minimum operation), micro USB 5V or external 7-24V DC
  • Blue backlit display screen shows set up mode, timecode, user bits, frames per second (FPS) and TX/RX channel number
  • Simple programming from an onscreen menu using a one finger navigation system – no confusing DIP switches to worry about
  • Pre-programmed with 14 licence free channels in the ISM Band, for robust timecode syncing between TCB devices
  • Provides GENLOCK TV SYNC.

Special features
In addition to the standard Buddy specification these features make the Timecode Buddy: mini trx unique.

A petite package

Measuring just 29mm x 44mm x 70mm and weighing a mere 122g, this miniature Timecode Buddy: mini trx  powerhouse is perfectly proportioned to attach to a camera.

Ultimate flexibility
Our multichannel digital transceiver has four modes to cover all shooting set ups – Internal Timecode, Jam External Timecode, RF TX or RX Timecode.

Power source on
An internal Li-Polymer rechargeable battery charges the Timecode Buddy: mini trx  for a minimum of 12-15 hours. You can also plug it up via a micro USB 5V and external 7-24V DC.

On the go connectivity
Complete firmware updates on the go using the micro USB connection. We’re also hatching plans to use this port to transfer metadata in future.

Function Multi-channel digital transceiver
External dimensions 29mm x 44mm x 70mm
LCD display 2 line, 16 character, blue variable brightness backlit display
Supported FPS modes 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97DF, 30DF
Antenna ‘halo’ lightpipe Bi-colour LED (Green/Red)
T/C input BNC connector
Frequency 865.050-868.550 MHz (CE approved) and 915.050-918.650 MHz (FCC/IC/C-Tick approved), 920.6-923MHz (ARIB Japan approved)
Internal power Li-Polymer rechargeable battery, 12-15 hours min operation, 2 hours charge from the USB or Hirose power source
T/C output BNC connector (selectable standard or mic level)
Output sync modes PAL, NTSC, 720p, 720p double frame, 1080i, 1080p, 1080p double frame
Output video sync 1V pp / 75 ohm or 1V pp /37.5ohm for ‘High Level Genlock’ mode (3D camera rigs)


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