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Prompter People Teleprompters are complete and ready to use without accessories, but most clients select accessories to adapt their teleprompter to use with their camera and environment.

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Wireless Remote Wired Controller Foot Pedal
Wireless Remote Wired Controller Foot Pedal

The Wireless Remote is our most popular option.  A receiver plugs into the USB port on your computer.  The intuitive wireless handheld unit controls scroll speed, scroll direction, stop/start and cue points within a 50 foot range. The talent can use it to practice, or when taping on tighter shots.  PC or Intel Mac compatible only.

Our solid aluminium wired controller gives precise rotary control over scroll speed and stop/start. It connects to your computer’s USB port.  A wired controller is preferred by dedicated prompter operators.  Mac or PC compatible.

This heavy duty weighted pedal allows talent to control speed and start/stop the text scroll. The USB interfaced device uses no external electricity so there are no power cords or adapters needed. A sensitivity slider within Flip-Q allows precise control.  PC compatible only.

Heavy Duty Tripod & Head
HD Tripod

Load rating of 13.6kg. Includes set of legs, pro dual handled video head, quick release plate, sturdy carry bag. Weight 7.7kg.

Monitor Upgrades

15″ Reversing Composite Monitor Upgrade
In addition to our standard non-reversing monitors, we offer a composite /VGA reversing monitor. This monitor
accepts composite or VGA inputs and flips mirror-imaging electronically with a touch of a button. This allows
for the greatest flexibility for studio installs and is required for MOS compliant newsroom software use.

17″ Reversing Composite Monitor Upgrade

High-Bright 15” VGA / Composite Reversing Monitor

High-Bright 17” VGA / Composite Reversing Monitor

Dual VGA / Composite 15 or 17” Monitor
The BR15, BR17, U15 and U17 are configured with a VGA monitor.  This upgrade feature gives you an additional
composite input.


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