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Ka-band NewsSpotter service: save money and time

Up to 10 Mbit/s Upload/Download guaranteed

The NewsSpotter service is based on Eutelsats Ka-band satellite. This satellite differs profoundly from other satellite systems. It provides Internet connectivity. With a guaranteed speed. You make a reservation for the bandwidth you need and you get it.

Now you can do every job for a fraction of the money you had to spend before. and you know that you get the speed instead of hoping you will reach it – like 3G/4G bonding systems promise.

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Low cost and high quality can go together
Increase your live coverage by lowering your costs
The minCASTER NewsSpotter service is a dedicated internet broadband connection with a guaranteed upload speed. Its perfect live signal contribution.


Getting your signal out with low latency
SAVE UP TO 80% of costs

Traditional satellite solutions, like Ku-band need much more ressources and generate not even much better results. With ka-band you do HD. But with 15% of the cost. So for the the price of one Ku-band solution you get six miniCASTER® NewsSpotter systems. Changing from DVB-S modulation to Internet technology the ka-band satellites are much more versatile. Operation is less costly. This is your benefit. Pay from 0,50€ per minute instead of 3-5 Euro/minute. Get a complete live broadcasting solution from miniCASTER® with low latency for under € 20.000.-.


Sleep better and save money! We know what we are talking about. Since 1997 we are doing webcasts. The biggest concern we have before starting a webcast: Does the line work as promised? Do we get the full upload speed? Is no one sharing the line with us? Are there any network obstacles like firewalls giving us headaches? These times are over: With your own NewsSpotter uplink system you save money on every job. What are you waiting for? The next line not be ready for you?

When 3G/4G cellular networks fail, satellite succeeds
Any event location gets a broadband area – perfect for marketing

Wifi for the concerts audience – with more than some thousand people using their smartphones uploading for pics for Facebook any 3G/4G networks fails – NewSpotter is the perfect solution. And sponsors will love it.



The miniCASTER® Fly away unit works with autopointing using the GPS data of your smartphone, which is part of delivery. Autopointing will be done via app (also part) with the android smartphone. Please make sure to buy the required Satellite airtime package which is also available from miniCASTER®. (see Accessories).
The miniCASTER® Fly-away unit fits in any car trunk and is built up in only seven minutes. The smartphone does the auto pointing job for you and makes positioning quite comfortable. You can now count on dedicated upload bandwidth of up to 10 Mbit/s (downlink-Speed: 10 Mbit/s) and are able to go LIVE in full HD.

MSRP from € 6499,00plus VAT 


The minCASTER NewsSpotter Air Fly away is the perfect combination of the car unit and a solid flightcase, that you can take on any plane! Plus, it is ultra fast and reliable in the setup: it works with motorized pointing using the elevation level of the attached water level. Once adjusted you turn the antenna through South until you her the TRIA ring. Do the fine adjusting and you are set. In 4 minutes only!

MSRP from € 6499,00 plus VAT


The miniCASTER® NewsSpotter car unit fits on any car and goes where you want. A 10 Mbit/s uplink connection is now your daily companion and gives more flexibility and revenue. Any content you produce can go either live or later via FTP to your customers audience.

By using Eutelsat`s NewsSpotter service and miniCASTER® Direkt link service you get your data travelled without any obstacles. Through the air and via fibre – at the speed of light. Starting a € 0,50 a minute – thanks to the miniCASTER® NewsSpotter car unit professional SNG services are now affordable for you.

MSRP from € 4999,00 plus VAT

Complete your antenna system….

…or fix it on a building and do the double hop


The Satellite basis unit completes the miniCASTER® NewsSpotter satellite systems with its dual use. You can attach it to a building and use it as a fixed unit. It comes with a reflector, the mounting kit and a professional modem, which allows you to up-and download with 10 Mbit/s.
The basic modem is limited to 6 Mbit/s Up/Down speed and fulfills the most common demands of the markets. If you need to webcast only and HD is not needed, the basic modem is the right choice. The professional modem reaches higher speeds than the basic modem.In addition it has a built in fan, providing better performance even if the modem is built in a studio rack.
If you use the basic unit as a fixed installation it could be a perfect substitute for an expensive landline. In combination with NewsSpotter antenna you could send from antenna to antenna, called double hop.

  • miniCASTER® NewsSpotter basic unit standard – MSRP from € 1199,00plus VAT 
  • miniCASTER® NewsSpotter basic unit professional –MSRP from € 1999,00plus VAT


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