n Affordable, Compact HDVideo Playback Device corresponding to Cloud service

The MEDIAEDGE Decoder is a compact, standalone,high-definition video playback unit that is simple to update via a network, SD card or USB drive.

MEDIAEDGE® is a multi-channel, multi-location delivery system of high- or standard-definition (HD or SD) video and digital signage using standard TCP/ IP networks and HD/SD display devices. Comprised of server, encoder, client software, and SMIL-compliant set-top box (STB) components, this flexible and modular system is ideal for point-of-sale, corporate, and other video-retrieval and digital-signage applications. The MEDIAEDGE Decoder is perfect for limited bandwidth applications. Content is pushed to the unit and stored on an internal hard drive for scheduled or on-demand playback.

Product Description

High-Quality HD Video Playback

HD video is currently the most talked-about medium for sales promotion and information communication. With the MEDIAEDGE Decoder, presenting sharp, high-resolution HD video couldn’t be easier. High-resolution HD video has far greater appeal to viewers than conventional SD-resolution video. It has a strong persuasive power, for highly efficient sales promotion and information communication.

Supports Scheduled Playback and Video-on-Demand (VOD) Playback

In addition to simply playing back HD video, the MEDIAEDGE Decoder unit can be used for scheduled playback, where video content is played back according to a user-defined schedule. Content is also available on-demand using an infrared controller. A programming interface allows third-party control systems to take command of playback operation.


MEDIAEDGE decoder will play the mixed media content types to a single display, allowing the same platform to simultaneously support both video distribution and digital signage applications. Best signage decoder at airport, station, highway service area, city hall, and other place like shopping mall.


DIGITAL SIGNAGEMEDIAEDGE Decoder can play contents on demand from video server or internal storage. Video-on-demand(VOD) is the delivery method of choice in the classroom or for corporate training. Faculty, students, or employees may select the program they need, when and where they need it.


DIGITAL SIGNAGEMEDIAEDGE Decoder is capable to receive live video streaming from our live video encoding unit. Not only a pre-edited video but also a “live video” will be a part of signage.



DIGITAL SIGNAGEScheduled contents can be played from internal storage and/or by real time streaming via network. “Decoder for billboard at building”, “playout server at CATV station” will be a good example of using schedule playback.



DIGITAL SIGNAGECustomer can select a multiple scheduled contents by select channel like TV. Scheduled contents are broadcast (multicast) such that a large number of viewers can join the program without a bandwidth penalty. Multiple live contents by live encoders at simultaneous network are supported.


DIGITAL SIGNAGEMEDIAEDGE Decoder supports web standards including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. They allow web designers and developers to create advanced contents of digital signage.



DIGITAL SIGNAGEMEDIAEDGE Decoder is using SMIL(Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) for layouting. SMIL is an industrial standard for layouting and it enables simple authoring of interactive audiovisual presentations.



Decoder can control via RS-232C and Network, and also can control external device connected by RS-232C or HDMI. IR receiver extending port is also available in standard.



DIGITAL SIGNAGEOnly 20W of the power consumption is required for this unit. Better than using PC based platform to save energy.

Other Points




  • Supports playback of 1080i and 720p HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (H.264) files with scheduled playback and basic video-on-demand capabilities
  • Standard-definition (SD) NTSC and PAL output
  • Performs real-time resolution upconversion and downconversion between SD and HD video
  • HDMI output or SDI output for HD
  • Composite outputs for SD
  • Import content via an Ethernet network and external USB/SD storage devices
  • Easy to install and operate, with a choice of remote control, front panel, or RS-232 interface
  • Compact design for any location
  • 500 GB hard drive or 180GB Silicon drive options are available
  • WiFi network interface is available
  • Corresponding to HTML5


Note: MEDIAEDGE Decoder storage type and capacity, HD output type and network interface type varies according to model selected.

Video Format Output HD: 720p50/59.94, 1080i50/59.94, and 1080p50/59.94
NTSC: 480i 59.94
PAL: 576i 50
Video Decoder MPEG-2 MP@HL
ISO/IEC14496-10 (H.264/AVC)  High Profile Level 4.0
Audio Decoder MPEG layer II
Dolby Digital AC-3 (2.0ch.)
Digital Video Output 1 x HDMI or  2 x SDI
Analog Video Output 1 x composite (RCA)
Digital Audio Output 1 x SPDIF (5.1ch., coaxial)
Analog Audio Output 1 x unbalanced stereo (RCA)
Network Connection Wired : 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T full duplex (RJ-45)
WiFi : IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (2.4/5GHz) Single stream
Serial Port RS-232 (D-Sub 9-pin)
SD Card slot 1 slot (max 32GB)
USB Port 1 USB port with bus powered
1 USB port without power
Dimensions(Model ME-DPSTD) Width: 200.0 mm (7.88 in.)
Depth: 166.5 mm (6.56 in.)
Height: 41.0 mm (1.62 in.)
Weight(Model ME-DPSTD)
: approx.1.0kg(2.21 lbs.)
except for AC adapter
Service and Support 1-year limited warranty


3 types of storage ・ SD card only (max 32 GB) ・ 500 GB hard drive ・ 180 GB Silicon drive
2 types of HD output ・ HDMI ・ SDI
2 types of network interface ・ Wired ・ WiFi

Standard Models HDMI SDI SDslot 180G SSD 500GB HDD WiFi
SDI Models HDMI SDI SDslot 180G SSD 500GB HDD WiFi
WiFi Models HDMI SDI SDslot 180G SSD 500GB HDD WiFi
SDI+WiFi Models HDMI SDI SDslot 180G SSD 500GB HDD WiFi



Rackmount Kit

Rackmount kit for 19″ 1 RU rack -for 2 units


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